Systemic Functional Linguistics and Corpus Building?

I originally posted this question to the Systemic Functional Linguistics list at the University of Technology Sydney:

I’m looking for research into the development of automated (or partially automated) parsing and tagging aimed at surfacing patterns related to SFL across large textual aggregates. Are there any particular sources you would recommend?

Anything in the way of conventional academic research, technical documentation, scripts, RegEx patterns, or open source applications would be helpful to me. There seems to be a relative paucity of research and development in this area — due in large part, I suspect, to the conceptual complexity (if not impossibility) of approaching SFL this way. On the other hand, maybe I just haven’t hit on the right search terms.

For those interested in M.A.K. Halliday and SFL: do you have any recommendations? What do you think might be the barriers to formalizing SFL in a way that would make it more conducive to computational linguistics? How would you begin to approach this task?

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